Tahnaiya Russell is my name (pronounced tee nee ya) and I am a REALTOR® based in Los Angeles. I help people buy/sell property and visualize their garden's true potential as I am also a visual designer and a gardener.
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Digital Makeovers

Here are some gardens that got a digital makeover as a drought tolerant garden.





Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal should be important to every homeowner, not just the ones who are looking to sell their homes. An attractive view from the street can help extend your property value as well as the neighborhood's value and help you sell your home if you choose to.

Enjoy Entertaining Outdoors

A beautiful garden brings good vibes, inspiration, beautiful scenery and helps with relaxation. All these things are essential for outdoor entertainment or even other things such as reading, yoga, painting and more.

Wake up to a beautiful garden and feel good

Life can be hard enough as it is so lets reduce it by waking up to beautiful nature, which can make you feel happy and relaxed. Enjoy leaving the house with all the good energy your beautiful garden will give you.


Save time and money, enjoy entertaining outdoors, add curb appeal and wake up to a beautiful garden